H Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Votes
H&KHugs and kisses
H&WHusband and wife
H&WHeight and weight
H/OHold on
H/PHold please
H/THat tip
H/UHook up
H/WHusband and wife
H1First half
H2Second half
H2CUSHope to see you soon
H4UHot for you
H9Husband in room
HAHello again
HABHot air balloon
HABDHave a blessed day
HackTo make changes
HackbookA laptop running an unauthorized version of macOS
HackintoshA computer running an unauthorized version of macOS
HacktivismHacker activism
HacktivistHacker activist
HAG1Have a good one
HAGAHave a good afternoon
HAGDHave a good day
HAGNHave a good night
HAGOHave a good one
HAGSHave a great summer
HAGWHave a good week
HAKHugs and kisses
Half-PPRHalf-point per reception league
HallyuKorean wave
HAMHard as a motherf***er
HANHow about now?
HANDHave a nice day
hand sanniHand sanitizer
HandcuffA fantasy football backup player
HandicapNumerical score that represents a golfer's ability
HandleTwitter username
HandlesThe ability to handle a basketball
HangerHunger and anger
HangmanGolf score of 9
HangryAngry because you're hungry
HarambeGorilla killed by Cincinatti Zoo officials
Hard pantsAny non-stretchy pants
Hard passAbsolutely not
HardballingVoicing expectations before the first date
HardmaxxingMaking extreme improvements to increase attractiveness
Harry ChranukkahHappy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas
HashtalkSpoken hashtags
Hate sinkA fictional character meant to be hated
Hate-watchTo watch something you love to hate
HaterA person who is angry or jealous of someone
HateradeThe drink of someone who disapproves of another's actions/lifestyle
HauntingFollowing a romantic partner on social media after abruptly leaving them
HaxTo encounter bad luck
HAYHow are you
HBHug back
HBHurry back
HBHit batsmen
HB2UHappy birthday to you
HBBDHappy belated birthday
HBCUHistorically black colleges and universities
hbdHappy birthday
HBHHoes be hatin'
HBOHome Box Office
HBPHit by pitch
HBTQHomosexual, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer
HBTUHappy birthday to you
HBUHow 'bout you
HBYHow 'bout you?
HCHow cool
HCAIHealth care associated infection
HCGHardcore Gamer
HCITHow cool is that
HCOLHigh cost of living
HDDHard Disk Drive
HDLHigh-density lipoprotein
HDTVHigh Definition TV
HDYLMNHow do you like me now
HETexas Hold'em
He's himHe is impressive
HEAHappily ever after
HeadcanonA fan's unverified beliefs about a story
HeaddeskExtreme frustration
Headphone zombieAn unresponsive person wearing headphones
HeatherA desirable person
Helicopter momAn overly involved mom
HellmaxxingCommitting a series of sinful acts
HELOCHome equity line of credit
Help vampireA forum user who repeatedly asks basic questions
Here for itExcited about it
HFHave fun
HFCHoly freaking crap
HFCSHigh fructose corn syrup
HFTHigh frequency trader
HGHoly grail
HGHHuman growth hormone
HHHolding hands
HH1/2KOHa ha, half-kidding only
HHAHome health aide
HHISHanging head in shame
HHJKHaha, just kidding
HHOJHa-ha only joking
HHOJ/KHa-ha, only just kidding
HHOKHa-ha only kidding
HHOSHa-ha, only serious
HHSFHa-ha, so funny
HHTYAYHappy holidays to you and yours
HHVFHa-ha, very funny
hi5High five
Hiatus brainWhen superfans' minds go wild during a hiatus
HiberdatingIgnoring friends while dating a person
HIFWHow I felt when
HIGHow's it going?
High and tightHigh and inside pitch
High keyObvious
High maintenanceRequiring a lot of attention
HIHHope it helps
HillPitcher's mound
Hill baggingTracking the hilltops you have hiked
HimboA naive, musclebound male
HIMYMHow I Met Your Mother
HipsterA person who dislikes mainstream culture
HistoryboundingWearing historically-inspired outfits
Hit the booksStudy
Hit with the ugly stickUgly
HITAKSHang in there and keep smiling
Hits differentAffects differently
HIVHuman immunodeficiency virus
HIWTHHate it when that happens
HKHugs and kisses
HKHello Kitty
HLBDHappy late birthday
HLMHe loves me
HMHard mode
HMHigh maintenance
HMBHit me back
HMLHate my life
HMOHealth maintenance organization
HMPHelp me, please
HMPHalf marathon pace
HMPHardcore Multiplayer
hmphStatement of disdain
HMSHanging myself
HMSLHolding my sides laughing
HMTHere's my try
HMUHit me up
HNMHappy new month
HNYHappy New Year
HOHold on
HOASHold on a second
HOASHeck of a shot
HOCHouse of Cards
Hockey hairLong, flowing hair with flipped wings
HODLHold on for dear life
HodorHold the door
HOFHall of fame
HOHHead of Household
HOICHold on, I'm coming
Hold this LYou lose
HolidateA platonic holiday date
Holiday orphanA person with nowhere to go on a holiday
HOMHit or miss
HomebrewPlayer-created games or add-ons
HomerHome run
HomerHometown sports fan
HomesliceA close friend
HOMMHeroes of Might and Magic
HoNHeroes of Newerth
HoneydudeA boyfriend or husband used for his money
HoneygalA woman used for her money
HonkeyA white person
HonkieA white person
HonkyA white person
HonnoldingStanding up straight on a narrow ledge with your back to the wall
HonorsHit first from the tee in golf
Hook upTo be physically intimate with another person
HooveringSucking a person back into a relationship
Hop offGo away
HOPEHighlights of Personal Experience
HOPEHave Only Positive Expectations
HopiumFalse hopes
HopsJumping ability
Horny on mainActing lustful on your primary social account
horribadHorribly bad
HORUHow old are you
HOSHusband over shoulder
HoTHeal over time
HotPhysically attractive
Hot cornerThird base
Hot deskingProviding limited, unassigned desk space
Hot dishA type of baked casserole served hot in a dish
Hot messA disastrous person
Hot potTo soak in a hot spring
Hot pottingSoaking in a superheated thermal spring
Hot takeA controversial opinion
Hot Vax SummerSummer 2021
Hot walletA cryptocurrency wallet connected to the Internet
HotboxBaserunner stranded between two bases
HotSHeart of the Swarm
HotSHeroes of the Storm
HotsAttraction to a person
HottieAn attractive person
HottishKind of attractive
How bow dahHow about that
HPHit points
HPHarry Potter
HPHealth points
hp5Health per five seconds
HPDCHappy People Don't Complain
HPSHeals per second
HPTHome pregnancy test
HQHigh quality
HRHuman resources
HRHome run
HRUHow are you
HSHigh school
HSAt bedtime
HSIKHow should I know
HSMHigh school musical
HSMPHomeschool me please
HTHi there
HTHeard Through
HTHat Tip
HTCHit the cell
HTFHard to find
HTHHope this helps
HTHHappy to help
HTHHow the heck
HTMLHyper-Text Markup Language
HTNHigh time now
HTSFMHe's too sexy for me
HTSUSHope to see you soon
HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTPSHyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
HUHook up
HUHold up
HUHeads up
HuckleberryThe one you're looking for
HUDHow you doing?
HUDHeads up display
HumblebragA modest statement that draws positive attention
HUMMHope you miss me
Hundo PHundred percent
HusbandoA fictional man that a real person has a crush on
Hustle cultureAn environment that prioritizes working long hours
HWHighest weight
HWCUHistorically white colleges and universities
HWGAHere we go again
HWIKHow would I know
HWPHeight weight proportionate
HWUHey, what's up?
HYHeck yeah
HYEHave you ever
HYFRHeck ya, freakin' right
HYGHere you go
Hygiene theaterHygienic tactics performed to make people feel safer
HYHHold your horses
HYLHelp You Later
HypebeastSomeone who buys into trends
HypergamyMarrying up to increase status
HypogamyMarrying someone of lower status
H^Hook up