G Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Votes
GA thousand dollars
GGames played
G-manA government agent
G-WalkFootwork-based dance move
G1Good one
G2BGoing to bed
G2CUGood to see you
G2GGot to go
G2GGood to go
G2GGS2DGot to go get something to drink
G2GIAMGot to go in a minute
G2GPGot to go pee
G2KGood to know
G2PGot to pee
G2PBGot to pee badly
G2RGot to run
G2TUGot to tell you
G4IGo for it
G4NGood for nothing
G4UGood for you
G6Gulfstream G650
GAGo ahead
GAGood afternoon
GACGet a clue
GADGet a dictionary
GAFGive a f***
GAGGot any gossip?
GaggedRendered speechless
GainsIncreased healthiness
GALGet a life
Galaxy brainUnorthodox thinking
Galentine's DayFebruary 13th ladies-only celebration
GALMAGo away, leave me alone
GameblingA combination of gaming and gambling
GamerA video game player
GamergateControversy about sexism in video game culture
Gamma maleA normal man
Gang gangI'm with you
Gangsta WalkingDancing with intricate foot movement
GankTo gang up on and kill a player
GankingLaunching a surprise attack
gannaGoing to
Garbage personA terrible person
Garbage timeTime during a blowout game where strategies change
GASGreetings and salutations
GASGear Acquisition Syndrome
GaslightingManipulating information to create doubt
GastrodiplomacyWhen a country uses its cuisine to boost its reputation
Gate licePeople congregating around an airport gate
GatekeepTo police who has access to an identity or community
GAWMAGo ahead, whet my appetite
GaydarAbility to detect homosexuality
GBGuild bank
GBGame Boy
GB2WGet back to work
GBAGame Boy Advance
GBCGame Boy Color
GBFNGoodbye for now
GBHGreat big hug
GBH&KGreat big hug and kiss
GBHKGreat big hug and kiss
GBPBritish pound
GBRGarbled beyond recovery
GBTTDGot better things to do
GBTWGet back to work
GBYGod bless you
GCGroovy cat
GCGood Crib
GCGroup chat
GCGet cancer
GDGood day
GDGreen Day
GDGod D***
GDGeometry Dash
GD&HGrinning, ducking, and hiding
GD&RGrinning, ducking, and running
GD&RVFGrinning, ducking, and running very fast
GDIGod d*** it
GDITGo do it then
GDPGross Domestic Product
GDRGrinning, ducking, running
GEGood evening
GearheadA person who is knowledgeable about mechanical objects
GedditGet it
Gen AlphaGeneration of people born between 2013 and 2025
Gen XerA person born between 1965 and 1980
Gen ZerA person born between 1997 and 2012
GenAIGenerative AI
Gender ninjaAn androgynous person
Gendy noochGender-neutral
GerdOh my gosh!
GermaphobeA person afraid of germs
Get after itGo seize the day
Get bucketsTo dominate
Get oofedGet wrecked
Get wokeBecome aware of social issues
GFGames finished
GFETEGrinning from ear to ear
GFGGood friggin' game
GFNGone for now
GFTDGone for the day
GFUGood for you
GFYGo f*** yourself
GFYGood for you
GGGood game
GGGood grief
GG no reGood game, no rematch
GGAGood game all
gggGotta get a grip
GGGBGood girl gone bad
GGLGood game loser
GGOGGGreat gobs of goose grease
GGOHGotta get out of here
GGPGotta go pee
GGsGood games
GHGood half
Ghetto blasterLarge, portable radio
Ghost banningCensoring a social media user's posts
Ghost bikeWhite roadside memorial bicycle
Ghost cheeksThe warmth on a seat left by another person
Ghost postA Facebook comment that was removed
GhostingObserving an opponent's gameplay
GhostingLeaving without saying goodbye
GhostlightingStop communicating with someone and pretend like you don't know him
GhostshipA fantasy football team with no owner
GIGood idea
GIGlycemic Index
GIGoogle it
GI GenerationPeople born between 1901 and 1927
GICGod's in control
GICBTSGosh, I can't believe that stuff
GICNBYGosh, I cannot believe you
GIDPGround into double play
GIFGraphics Interchange Format
GIGGod is good
GigachadAn ultra-attractive, confident, and capable man
GIGOGarbage in, garbage out
gimmeGive me
GimmeEasy golf putt
Girl codeEtiquette between female friends
Girl dinnerA charcuterie board-esque dinner
Girl mathFemale financial logic
Girlfriend bombA statement that reveals your crush has a girlfriend
Girlfriend taxFood taken by your girlfriend
gitGet over it
Git gudGet good
Give the handsFight
Give us the teaShare your gossip with us
Giving me lifeExciting me
GIWISIGee, I wish I said it
GIWISTGee, I wish I'd said that
GJGood job
GJPGood job partner
GKGo know
GLGood luck
GLGet lost
GLGood looking
GL HFGood luck have fun
GL&GHGood luck and good hunting
GL2UGood luck to you
GlaggleA yellow smiley-face resident of Glaggleland
Glam shamingCriticizing a person for being too glamorous
GlampingGlamorous camping
Glass childA child whose sibling requires all their parents' attention
GlazingSucking up to
GLBTGay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender
GLEGood luck everyone
gle1Good luck everyone
GleekGlee geek
GLHFGood luck have fun
GLHFTTYLGood luck, have fun, talk to you later
GlitchingMalfunctioning video game
GlitchingDance move that includes subtle jerks synced to music
GlizzyHot dog
GLNGGood luck next game
GloomerAn apathetic 20-something
Glow upTo remarkably transform in a positive manner
GLWTGood luck with that
GMGood morning
GMGood match
GMGood move
GMGame master
GMAGive me attention
GMABGive me a break
GMAFBGive me a friggin' break
GMBOGiggling my butt off
GMILYGood morning, I love you
GMTGot me tight
GMTAGreat minds think alike
GMVGot my vote
GNGet naked
GNAGoodnight all
GNE1Goodnight everyone
GNOGirls' night out
GNOCGet naked on camera
GNPGross National Product
GNRGuns N' Roses
GNSDGoodnight, sweet dreams
GNSTGoodnight, sleep tight
GOGround outs
go brrrSolve a problem
Go deepHit a home run
Go deepRun a route far downfield
Go hamDo something intensely
Go homeGo away
Go offAngrily complain
Go viralTo become popular on the Internet
GOATGreatest of all time
GOATedDeclared the best
GOATed with the sauceAwesome
Goblin modeBehaving badly
GoblincoreAn aesthetic centered around overlooked natural things
GogoGo now
GOKGod only knows
GOLGiggling out loud
GOLGroaning out loud
Gold diggerA person who uses another person for money
Golden SlamTennis Grand Slam and the Olympics gold medal
GOLFGentlemen only, ladies forbidden
GOMGrumpy old man
GOMBGet off my back
GOMERGet Out of My Emergency Room
GOMLGet on my level
gonGoing to
gonnaGoing to
Good shoutGood idea
Goofy ahhReally weird
GoogleTo search the Internet
GOPGrand Old Party
GORPTrail mix
GorpcoreAn aesthetic centered around outdoor wear
GosuHighly skilled
GOTGame of Thrones
Got that dog in himDriven to succeed
GotchaI get you
Gotta blastHave to leave
GOTYGame of the Year
GOWGears of War
GOWGod of War
GOW2Gears of War 2
GOWIGet on with it
GOWMGo out with me
GOYHHGet off your high horse
GPGo private
GPAGrade point average
GPOYGratuitous picture of yourself
GPOYWGratuitous picture of yourself Wednesday
GPSGlobal positioning system
GPSGod's positioning system
gpwGlobal Password
GRGotta run
GR&DGrinning, running, and ducking
GrailA desirable item
GrailsA rare pair of sneakers
Gram itPost it on Instagram
GrandA thousand dollars
Grand SlamA four-run home run
Grand SlamWinning the four major tennis tournaments
Grand SlamWinning the four major golf tournaments
GranolaEnvironmental and health-focused lifestyle
Gray divorceMarried adults 50 years and older that are divorcing
Gray rockingBeing dull when interacting with toxic people
Green flagA sign of approval
Green personA close friend you met by chance
GreenwashingDeceptively claiming to be eco-friendly
GrelfieGroup selfie
GrexitGreek exit
Grief diggerSomeone who uses a celebrity's death for personal gain
GrieferAn irritating player
GriefingIrritating other players
Grinch botSoftware used to quickly snatch up products online
GrindTo do something difficult
Grind cultureAn environment that promotes incessant working
GrindingPerforming repetitive tasks to level up
GrokIntuitively understand
GroolGreat and cool
GrounderA baseball hit on the ground
GRSLGrand Slams
GRWMGet ready with me
GSGood shot
GSGear score
GSGames started
GSHGrand Slams
GSHIWMPGiggling so hard I wet my pants
GSLGlobal StarCraft II League
GSMGender and sexuality minority
GSOHGreat sense of humor
GSTLGlobal StarCraft Team League
GSWGot some weed
GTGood try
GT2TGot time to talk
GTAGrand Theft Auto
GTFGone too far
GTFOGet the f*** out
GTFOHGet the f*** outta here
GTFOOHGet the f*** out of here
GTGGot to go
GTGGood to go
GTKGood to know
GTLGym, Tan, Laundry
GTMGiggle to myself
GTPBGot to pee badly
GTRGot to run
gtrdunGet 'er done
GTRMGoing to read mail
GTSGo to sleep
GTSYGlad to see you
GUGently used
GUFNGrounded until further notice
GUIGraphical User Interface
Gummy acheStomach ache from eating gummy candies
Gummy tummyStomach ache from eating gummy candies
GWGood work
GwenchanaIt's alright
GWIGet with it
GyatAn expression of surprise
GYATGet your act together
GYFOGet your freak on
GYPOGet your pants off
Gypsy copA cop who transfers from station to station
GYSRGosh, you're so random