C Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Votes
C&GChuckle and grin
C/OCare of
C/SChange subject
C2CCamera to camera
C4NCiao for now
C9Parent in room
CabbagePaper money
CACCool as a cucumber
CADCanadian dollar
CADCoronary artery disease
CAFOConcentrated Animal Feeding Operation
Cake eaterA person from a wealthy background
CakedayThe day a user joins Reddit
CalexitCalifornia exit from the United States
CamperA player who doesn't move
CampingStaying in one spot
Can of cornAn easy catch by a fielder
CancelShut down or force out
Cancel clubPeople that have been shut down or forced out by others
Cancel cultureCanceling people who do anything controversial
Cancer ghostingAbandoning a person diagnosed with cancer
CancerversaryAn important date regarding a person's fight against cancer
CannonAn impressive throwing arm
Canon eventA pivotal event in a person's life
CapeTo defend someone's actions, often undeservedly
CarcolepsyA condition of falling asleep once the car moves
Card advantagePossessing more cards than another player
CardboardeauxBoxed wine
CARECover a**, retain employment
Career cushioningSearching for a new job while employed
Carpe diemSeize the day
Carpe DMDirect message the person now
CarriesMOBA players that carry their team
CarryMOBA player role
CASClothing Acquisition Syndrome
Cash me outsideCome outside and I'll beat you
CasperingEnding a relationship in a friendly, but confusing way
CasualGame that requires little skill
Catch and releaseTo flirt with someone then stop when the person wants commitment
Catch some raysTo go out in the sun
Catch the busTo commit suicide
Catch these handsGet punched
CatfishTo assume a false identity
CaucacityAudacity stemming from white privilege
Caught in 4KCaught in the act
CBChris Brown
CBACan't be ar**d
CBBCan't be bothered
CBFCan't be f***ed
CBFWCan't be f***ed with
CCI understand
CCCarbon copy
CCCrowd control
CCCommand Center
CCCredit card
CCCasually chilling
CCGCollectible card game
CCLCouldn't care less
CCRCreedence Clearwater Revival
CCUCritical care unit
CDCertificate of deposit
CDCompact disc
CD9Parents are watching
CD99Parents are no longer watching
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
CDIWYCouldn't do it without you
cdrCooldown reduction
CDTContinuing day treatment
CEChief executive
ceebsCan't be bothered
CeilingUpside of a player
Celine a sceneTo add a Celine Dion song to a video for maximum emotional impact
cellCell phone
CellarLast place
Cellar dwellerA team constantly in last place
Cellar dwellerPerson who lives in the basement
CellfishInconsiderate of others while talking on the phone
CentaurA human aided by artificial intelligence
CEOChief executive officer
CEO ofThe best at
CFCoffee freak
CFCluster f***
CFCenter field
CFDClothing, fashion, design
CFOChief financial officer
CFPCollege Football Playoff
CFSCare for a secret?
CFSCute, funny, sweet
CFTCombating the Financing of Terrorism
CFVCall for votes
CGComputer Graphics
CGComplete games
CGClose game
CGCoconut gun
CGLComplete game losses
CGMContinuous Glucose Monitoring
CGMCurly girl method
CGMSContinuous Glucose Monitoring System
CGSOComplete game shutout
ChadA physically fit, overly confident man
ChairdrobeChair with clothes piled on it
ChampionLeague of Legends player-controlled character
ChannerA 4chan user
chargelotCharge Zealot
Charity stripeFree throw line
Chasing cloutDoing things just to become popular
Chasing the bagWorking toward goals
Cheat sheetA list of players ranked in order of fantasy value
CheddarGood fastball
CheeseExploitative strategy
CheeseGood fastball
CheesingExploiting tactics or glitches in a game to win
CheesyLame humor
Chef's kissPerfection
CheugA person that likes outdated or inauthentic things
CheugySomething that is outdated or inauthentic
CHFSwiss franc
CHFCongestive heart failure
ChibiMiniature Character
ChickenMinecraft mob
ChillaxChill and relax
Chin musicPitch that nearly hits the batter's head
chingoChat lingo
ChingoA lot
Chip damageDamage inflicted on a blocking opponent
ChippingAttacking a blocking opponent
ChiverMale who likes theCHIVE
ChivetteFemale who likes theCHIVE
ChonkAn overweight animal
ChoobSkilled player who intentionally plays badly
ChoppedDrunk and high
ChreasterA person who only attends church during Christmas and Easter
ChrismukkahChristmas and Hanukkah
Christmas bogusReceiving nothing from your employer during Christmas
Christmas creepThe slow expansion of the Christmas shopping season
Christmas noobA player playing a video game he received on Christmas for the first time
Chub rubChafing where your thighs rub together
ChuggerAn overbearing fundraiser
ChuggingRaising money for charity in a rude manner
ChungusA cute, chunky creature
ChunkA golf shot that makes a divot
ciaSee ya
CICUCan I see you?
CICUCardiac intensive care unit
CICYHCan I copy your homework
CICYHWCan I copy your homework
CIDConsider it done
CILCheck in later
CinderellaUnderdog sports team
CinderfellaA guy who must be home by midnight
CinephileA devoted fan of cinema
Cinnamon rollA kind, gentle person
CIOCry it out
CIPCell it please
CIPCustomer initiated payment
CipherAn informal dance or rap gathering
Circle buttonSpin move
Circus catchAcrobatic catch
CISConsumer Information Service
CitiotIdiot from the city
City boyA man with no regard for women
CLABCrying like a baby
ClanA video game team
Clap backA clever comeback
ClapbackA clever comeback
Clean sheetShutout
CleanupPlayer batting fourth in the lineup
ClickbaitWeb content created to attract visitors
Clip chimpA Twitch user who creates out-of-context video clips
CLMCareer limiting move
CloakingDisappearing from a romantic interest
CloserA relief pitcher that finishes a baseball game
Clout chaserA person who does things just to become popular
Clout demonA social media user who covets popularity
Clout leechA person who is friends with someone just to become more popular
CLSCumulative Layout Shift
ClutchAbility to perform under pressure
CMCall me
CMCyber Monday
CMACover my a**
CMBCall me back
CMEChecking my email
CMFWICChief mo fo who's in charge
CMIIWCorrect me if I'm wrong
CMMChange my mind
CMNCall me now
CmonCome on
CMPCreative Multiplayer
CMSContent Management System
CMUCrack me up
CMVChange my view
CNACertified nursing assistant
CNPContinued next post
CNRHKYITFChuck Norris roundhouse kick you in the face
Co WashingConditioner-only washing
COACourse of action
Coast to coastThe entire length of a playing field
COBClose of business
COCCode of conduct
COCClash of Clans
CoDCall of Duty
CODAChild of Deaf Adults
Code 9Parents are here
CofficeCoffee shop office
COICertificate of insurance
CoiningUsing The Coin card in Hearthstone
COLCrying out loud
Cold storageA cryptocurrency wallet not connected to the Internet
Collab houseA house full of social media influencers
College showerSpraying clothes with air freshener
Comb-overHairstyle where hair is combed to one side of the head
Comfort characterA fictional character who soothes you
Comfort idolA celebrity whose actions soothe you
Coming for necksMeans business
Comment ghostingRemoving a user's comments
ComplisultAn insulting compliment
ConstellationA network of polyamorous relationships
Control deckCard deck focused on controlling the game
ControllerChampion who supports allies
CONUSContiguous United States
Conversational remorseRegret for not saying something in a conversation
COOChief operating officer
CookTo make methamphetamine
COPClose of play
CopA police officer
COPDChronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CopiumCoping via false rationale
COPPAChildren's Online Privacy Protection Act
CopypastaA block of text that is often copied and pasted online
Core Web VitalsMetrics that measure the user experience of a website
CornrowsHairstyle featuring braided rows
Corona bumpElbow bump with a person to avoid spreading the coronavirus
COSChild over shoulder
CosplayCostume play
CosplayerA person who wears a costume and plays a character
CostcopA Costco worker who verifies your receipt
CostubeCostuming YouTubers
COTCircle of trust
CottagecoreAn aesthetic centered around romanticized rural living
CougarAn older woman who dates younger men
CovidiotA person who downplays the dangers of COVID-19
CowMinecraft mob
Cowboy UpGet tough
Cozzie livsCost of living
CPClub Penguin
CPACertified Public Accountant
CPCCost per click
CPECoolest Person Ever
CPRCardiopulmonary resuscitation
CQCClose-quarters combat
CR7Cristiano Ronaldo
CrackaA white person
CrackedLow health
CrackerA white person
CracklingSpeedling with Adrenal Glands
CRAFTCan't remember a freakin' thing
CramTo study a lot right before an exam
CraptionsBad closed captions
CrashTo quickly fall asleep
Crash your squadJoin your group of friends
CrashyCrazy and trashy
CRATCan't remember a thing
CRAWSCan't remember anything worth s***
CraydarAbility to detect craziness
CRBCome right back
CRBTCrying real big tears
CRDCaucasian Rhythm Disorder
CreepA basic unit
CreeperA socially invasive person
CreeperHostile mob
CreepypastaA horror story posted on the Internet
CrewGroup of friends
Crew cutHairstyle with faded sides and a little longer top
CricketingNot replying to someone's message
critCritical Strike
CRNChuckling right now
CRNACertified registered nurse anesthetist
Crooked HHillary Clinton
CroomfA social media follower crush
CropAn edited TikTok video
CrossedHigh and drunk
CrossfadedDrunk and high
Crows before hoesGuy friends are more important than romantic interests
CRPGComputer role-playing game
CRSCan't remember stuff
CRTCathode Ray Tube
CRTCritical Race Theory
CRTLACan't remember the three-letter acronym
CruftRedundant software or hardware
CrunchyNatural and sustainable lifestyle
CrunchyRequires a lot of analysis
CrunkCrazy and drunk
CrushA person who is the object of someone's affection
Crushing itDoing very well
CrybullyA person who bullies people while playing the victim
Crying JordanA meme featuring a crying Michael Jordan
Crypto MomSEC Commissioner Hester Peirce
CSCaesarean section
CSCreep score
CSCaught stealing
CS:GOCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
CSABRContinued success and best regards
CSBCool story, bro
CSGChuckle snicker grin
CSLCan't stop laughing
CSMCustomer Success Manager
CSOMClient side object model
CSRDCorporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
CSSCascading Style Sheet
CSTCentral Standard Time
CTCentral time zone
CTBCatch the bus
CTCCall the cell
CTCCare to chat?
CTEChronic traumatic encephalopathy
CTFCapture the flag
CTFDCalm the f*** down
CTFUCracking the f*** up
CTHUCracking the heck up
CTMComplete the Monument
CTMChuckle to myself
CTMQChuckling to myself quietly
CTNCan't talk now
CTOCheck this out
CTRNCan't talk right now
CTSChange the subject
CUSee you
CUCredit union
CU2See you, too
cu2mrSee you tomorrow
CU46See you for sex
CU@See you around
CUBCall you back
CuffingLinking up in a relationship with a person
Cuffing seasonThe fall and winter time period where people begin relationships
CUIMDSee you in my dreams
CULCall you later
CULCatch you later
CULSee you later
cul8rSee you later
cul8rCall you later
cul8rm8See you later, mate
CULASee you later alligator
CUOLSee you online
CupcakeA young female who seeks favor with powerful men
CupcakeA gay man
CUSSee you soon
CushioningPursuing romantic interests in case you break up
CusperA person born at the intersection of two generations
Cut a promoStage a promotional interview
Cut classNot attend class
CutterA breaking fastball
Cutting down the netsWon a basketball tournament
CVACerebrovascular accident
CVICerebrovascular insult
CWContent warning
CWOTComplete waste of time
CWYLChat with you later
CYCalm yourself
cyaSee ya
CYACover your a**
cyal8rSee you later
CYBCall you back
CyberbullyA person who bullies someone using technology
CyberbullyingBullying a person using technology
CybermobA group of online users that harasses other users
CyberslackingUsing an employer's Internet for personal activities while working
CyberstalkingStalking a person using technology
CycleSingle, double, triple, and home run
CYDICan ya dig it
CYECheck your email
CYFCheck your Facebook
CYFBCheck your Facebook
CYLCatch ya later
CYMCheck your Myspace
CYMCheck your mail
CYMCheck your messages
CYOSee you online
CYOACover your own a**
CypherAn informal rap or dance gathering
cyrCall your
CYTSee you tomorrow
CYWW2BYSee ya, wouldn't want to be ya