T Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Votes
T SwiftTaylor Swift
T1DType 1 Diabetes
t2goTime to go
T2MTalk to me
T2UTalk to you
T2ULTalk to you later
t2ul8erTalk to you later
t2ul8rTalk to you later
T4LMKThanks for letting me know
T4PThanks for posting
T4TThanks for trade
T4TUThanks for the update
TAThanks again
TATeaching assistant
TAAHMTwo and a Half Men
tabTalking about
Table setterA player who gets on base so other hitters can hit him in
TACThat ain't cool
TackyBad taste
TAFNThat's all for now
Take a smellfieTo sniff your armpit
Take him off the grillShut him down
Take it easyCalm down
Take my energyGood luck
Take the LTake the loss
TalibangelicalAn overzealous evangelical Christian
Talking headA person on TV who gives information or opinions
Talking trashDisrespecting
TAMTotal addressable market
TamekaAn angry, verbally abusive woman
TankHardy character
TANSTAAFLThere ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TANSTAFLThere ain't no such thing as a free lunch
tarReceiving targets
TARFUThings are really f***ed up
TATThis and that
TaterHome run
Tater trotHome run trot
TAUThinking about you
TAWOGThe Amazing World of Gumball
TAYThinking about you
Tay tayTaylor Swift
TAZThe Adventure Zone
TBATo be announced
TBCTo be continued
TBCLTo be continued later
TBDTo be determined
TBETo be edited
TBFTo be fair
TBFTo be frank
TBFTo be forwarded
TBFUToo bad for you
TBHTo be honest
TBITraumatic brain injury
TBQHTo be quite honest
TBRTo be released
TBRTo be resolved
TBRTo be read
TBRTo be revised
TBRTo be real
TBRTo be rude
TBTThrowback Thursday
TBTTruth be told
TBTGThanks be to God
TBYTeacher behind you
TCTake care
TCThat's cool
TCTotal chances
TCBTaking care of business
TCCICTake care 'cause I care
TCFNTake care for now
TCGTrading card game
TCOTaken care of
TCOBTakin' care of business
TCOODTaking clothes out of dryer
TCOYTake care of yourself
TCUTransitional care unit
TCWBTake care, write back
TDMTeam deathmatch
TDSWJSThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart
TDTMTalk dirty to me
TETight end
TebowingGetting in a position of praying
TechieSomeone well-versed in technology
TechlashBacklash against big tech companies
TechlexiaDifficulty using technology
TechlexicUnable to comprehend technology
TechTokerA TikToker who discusses tech
TeemoThe swift scout
TeemoTeenage Emo
temeTell me
tendiesChicken tenders
TerfA trans-exclusionary radical feminist
TerribadTerribly bad
Terrible twosRebellious stage exhibited by two year olds
TesterA putt that tests a golfer's skill
Texas LeaguerWeak fly ball hit to the outfield
Texas wedgePutt from off the green
Text door neighborA person with a similar phone number
TextastropheTexting catastrophe
TextationshipA relationship confined to texting
TextlationshipA relationship largely based on texting
TextmergencyText emergency
TextpectationExpectation of waiting for a text
TextplanationText explanation
Textual chemistryRomantic chemistry between two people via text messages
TFTwisted Fate
TFThe f***
TFToo funny
TF2Team Fortress 2
TFAThe Force Awakens
TFBToo freakin' bad
TFFToo freakin' funny
TFFTwitter follower-friend
TFKThousand Foot Krutch
TFLMKThanks for letting me know
TFTTeamfight Tactics
TFTAThanks for the add
TFTFThanks for the follow
TFTHUThanks for the heads up
TFTIThanks for the information
TFWThat feeling when
TGThank goodness
TGALThink globally, act locally
TGFFThank God for Friday
TGIFThank goodness it's Friday
TGNCTransgender and gender non-conforming
TGNCNBTransgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary
TGTBTToo good to be true
THTears of happiness
THAC0To Hit Armor Class 0
ThanksgivukkahThanksgiving and Hanukkah
thanqThank you
That ain't itThat's no good
That moment whenRemember that time when
The beautiful gameSoccer
The GGirlfriend
The gramInstagram
The Great DividerThe President of the United States
The Great ResignationPeople quitting their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic
The ickA feeling of disgust for your significant other
The RachelVoluminous shoulder-length haircut
The sidewalk ruleYour man should walk on the street side of the sidewalk
The SquadAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib
The Streisand EffectWhen an attempt to hide information draws greater attention
The struggle is realHaving difficulty doing something
The turnHalfway point of a round of golf
TheobroA conservative male that argues Christian theology
TheybieA gender-neutral baby
TheybiesGender-neutral babies
TheybyA gender-neutral baby
ThiccCurvaceous body type
Thigh gapSpace between a person's thighs
ThinspirationInspiration to be thin
thinspoThin inspiration
Third wheelA person who feels left out
Thirst trapA provocative action, message, video, or photo
ThirstyDesiring a person
thkqThank you
thnqThank you
THOTThat hoe over there
ThreadA series of messages
ThreadjackingSteering a discussion away from the original topic
Three baggerTriple
Three-baggerInvestment that tripled
Three-peatWinning a championship three times in a row
ThreenagerA three year old that acts like a teenager
ThreequelThe third installation in a series of works
Thrift flipReselling items you bought at a thrift store
ThroupleA romantic relationship between three people
Throw handsFight
Throw the gameLose the game on purpose
ThrowingLosing a winnable game on purpose
Throwing handsFighting
Throwing shadeDisrespecting
ThrupleA romantic relationship between three people
THTHToo hot to handle
Thumb dayWhen you browse your phone incessantly at the gym
ThundersnowA snowy thunderstorm
TIAThanks in advance
TickingAttacking a blocking opponent
TIFUToday I F***ed Up
Tiger motherA mom who demands excellence from her child
Tight lieA golf ball laying directly on the ground
TIHIThanks, I hate it
TikbaitShallow TikTok content created to get views
TikTok houseA house full of TikTok influencers
TikTokerA TikTok user
TILToday I learned
TILIITell it like it is
Time-poorBusy with little free time
TinderingUsing Tinder
TINWISThat is not what I said
TIOTurn it off
Tip creepExpansion of services prompting tips
Tip fatigueWeariness of tipping workers
TipflationInflation of monetary tips
TIPSTo insure prompt service
TISNFThat is so not fair
TISUThis is so unfair
TITFThat is too funny
TITFTaking it too far
Title goreWhen a forum post's title is terrible
TJITry joining in
TKTo come
TKTeam kill
TKATotally Kick A**
TLAThree letter acronym
TLCTender love and care
TLDRToo long, didn't read
TLTRToo long to read
TMTickle me
TMTrouble maker
TMTell me
TMATake my advice
TMAITell me about it
TMBTag me back
TMBText me back
TMBTweet me back
TMDFTo my dearest friend
TMFTToo much free time
TMGThat's my girl
TMIToo much information
TMNTTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
TMSFToo much science fiction
TMTHToo much to handle
TMTTTell me the truth
TMWThat moment when
TNFThursday Night Football
TNGThe Next Generation
TNTTil next time
TNTLTrying not to laugh
ToCTable of contents
TODTruth or dare
TOHThe other half
TOHTyping one-handed
TOIOMThis one is on me
TOLThinking of laughing
ToolEgotistical jerk
ToolingManipulating a person
ToonAlternate character
Tooth sweaterThe feeling on your tooth from not brushing
topTop lane
TopdeckTo draw from your deck
TopeTight and dope
TorchTo beat someone in competition
TOSThe Original Series
TOSTerms of service
TOTKThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
totsTater tots
Tots and pearsThoughts and prayers
TOUThinking of you
Touch em allHome run
Touch grassReturn to reality
TouronA moronic tourist
TOWThe one with
TOWThe one where
Tower divingAttacking an opposing player under his tower
TOWLThe one with love
TownieA lifelong resident of one town
TOYThinking of you
TPTriple play
TPToilet paper
TPATotal plate appearances
TPKTotal Party Kill
TPMTweets per minute
TPSThird-person shooter
TPTTrailer park trash
TPTBThe powers that be
TPvPZTerran Protoss versus Protoss Zerg
TQThank you
TQVMThank you very much
TradeDestroy or counter an opponent's card with your own
Trade baitA good player that entices other teams to trade for him
TradwifeA wife who adheres to traditional values
trannaTrying to
TrashDungeon enemy mob groups
Trash streamingPerforming crude acts online in exchange for donations from viewers
TrashyPoor quality
TraumaversaryAnniversary of a traumatic event
TravoltafiedTo mispronounce a name
TravoltafyTo mispronounce a name
TravoltifiedTo mispronounce a name
TravoltifyTo mispronounce a name
TRDMFTears running down my face
Treat yo selfTake care of yourself
Tree huggerA person who cares about the environment
TrekkerStar Trek Fan
TrekkieA Star Trek Fan
TrendjackingHijacking a trend for personal gain
Trey3-point shot attempt
TribeInternet community
TrillWell respected
TripleHit that results in the batter getting to third base
Triple bogeyThree strokes over par
Triple playThree outs on the same play
Triple-doubleAchieving double digits in three categories in a basketball game
TrollA person who posts offensive comments
TrollingPosting offensive comments
TrololLaughing at troll
Trophy husbandAn attractive husband
Trophy wifeAn attractive wife of an older man
TRSThat really sucks
tru datTrue that
TrumperA Donald Trump supporter
Trumper tantrumLashing out at people on Twitter
TrumpetteA female supporter of Donald Trump
TrumpflakeA sensitive Trump supporter
TrumpismA word popularized by Donald Trump
TrumpshakeA handshake that lasts too long
TrumpsterA Donald Trump supporter
Truth bombA surprising but true statement
TruthinessTruth based on feelings
TryhardA person who cares too much about winning
trynaTrying to
TSTough stuff
Ts and PsThoughts and prayers
TSFHTwo Steps From Hell
TSFWTotally safe for work
TSFWToo stupid for words
TSIRThe struggle is real
TSNFThat's so not fair
TSRTotal shareholder return
TSSThis stuff sucks
TSSToxic Shock Syndrome
TSTLToo stupid to live
TTTalking to
TTTrending topic
TT2TToo tired to talk
TT4NTa-ta for now
TTBThat's too bad
TTBOMKTo the best of my knowledge
TTFNTa-ta for now
TTGTime to go
TTKATime to kick a**
TTLTime to leave
TTLTime to live
TTLTalk to you later
TTMTalk to me
TTMNTalk to me now
TTMNTalk to me nice
TTRTime to relax
TTRPGTabletop role-playing game
TTSTabletop Simulator
TTTTo the top
TTTEThomas the Tank Engine
TTTHCSThings that Tim Howard could save
TTTTToo tired to talk
TTTTThese things take time
TTTTTo tell the truth
TTULTalk to you later
TTYTalk to you
TTYAWTalk to you after work
TTYIABTalk to you in a bit
TTYIAMTalk to you in a minute
TTYLTalk to you later
TTYLMFTalk to you later, my friend
TTYLXOXTalk to you later, hugs and kisses
TTYNTalk to you never
TTYOOTDTalk to you one of these days
TTYSTalk to you soon
TTYTTalk to you tomorrow
TTYVSTalk to you very soon
TTYWTalk to you whenever
TUThank you
TUITurning you in
Tune upBeat up
TuningSubtly flirting with a person
TunnelingThrowing different pitches with a similar trajectory to fool hitters
Turkey dayThanksgiving day
Turn down for whatI'm excited
Turn twoTo record a double play
Turn twoTo work hard on a job
Turn upTo get crazy
Turnt upExcited
TurtleA gamer who plays defensively
TurtlingPlaying defensively
TurtlingBreaching of a bowel movement
Tush pushA play where the quarterback is pushed to gain yards
TUTTotally unique thought
TvPTerran versus Protoss
TvTTerran versus Terran
TvZTerran versus Zerg
TWTrigger warning
TwaddictTwitter addict
TWDThe Walking Dead
TWDTexting while driving
TweakinDoing crazy stuff
TweavesdroppingEavesdropping on Twitter
TweenagerA pre-teenager
TweenerTennis shot
TweenerA wrestler who is neither hero nor villain
TweepleTwitter people
TweepsTwitter peeps
TweetTwitter post
TweeterA person who tweets
TweetsultInsulting tweet
TweetupTwitter meetup
TwerkHip-gyrating dance move
TwerkingShaking hips and rear in a bouncing motion
TwewbieTwitter newbie
TWHSThat's what he said
TWIMCTo whom it may concern
Twin killingDouble play
TwindemicA dual pandemic
TwinkPowerful low-level character
TwinkingEquipping a low-level character with high-level items
TwinningSaying or doing something in coordination with another person
TwinsiesTwo people who share a common trait
TWISThat's what I said
TWITThat's what I thought
TwitchVideo game streaming website
TwitlerAn overbearing Twitter user
Twitter canoeBloated Twitter conversation with 3 or more users
TwittersphereThe world of Twitter
TwitterstormA quick rise of activity about a specific topic on Twitter
TwitterverseTwitter universe
TWMATill we meet again
Two baggerDouble
Two-baggerInvestment that doubled
TwollowerTwitter follower
TWSBThis website sucks b***s
TWSIThat was so ironic
TWSSThat's what she said
TWTIThat was totally ironic
TYThank you
TYFAThank you for asking
TYFPThank you for party
TYLThank you, Lord
TYLTell you later
TYLJThank you Lord Jesus
TYMThank you much
TyperactiveExtremely talkative in digital communications
typoTypographical error
TYSMThank you so much
TYTTake your time
TYVMThank you very much