B Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Votes
B&EBreaking and entering
B&FBack and forth
B&WBlack and white
b/fBrain fart
B1G1Buy one, get one
B2WBack to work
B4NBye for now
b4uBefore you
B@UBack at you
BAB**** a**
BABad a**
BAABroad agency announcement
BabeAn attractive person
BABIPBatting average on balls in play
Baby bumpProtruding abdomen of a pregnant female
Baby trapWhen one partner misleads the other to cause a pregnancy
BabymoonA vacation taken by expecting parents
BabysitTo assist a champion in getting more powerful
BACBack at computer
BACBad a** chick
Bachelor's handbagA takeaway roast chicken
Back nineLast nine holes of an 18-hole golf course
Back-door puttPutt that spins around a hole and drops in
Backdoor bragAn action meant to solicit admiration from others
Backdoor sliderA pitch that breaks over the plate
Bada**A cool rebel
BAEBefore anyone else
BAEBefore anything else
BAFBring a friend
BAFOBest and final offer
BAGBusting a gut
BAGBig a** grin
BagA base
BagSuccess and wealth
BagholderA person who fails to sell a stock before it crashes
BAGLBusting a gut laughing
BAICBoy am I confused
BailTo quickly leave
BaitedTricked by misleading information
BAKBack at keyboard
Ball don't lieYou get what you deserve
BallerA cool person
BallinPlaying sports well
Baltimore chopBaseball hit that takes a large hop over an infielder
BAMBelow average mentality
BAMFBad a** mother f*****
BandOne thousand dollars
BangerAn awesome, energetic piece of media
Bantha fodderAs good as dead
BAOBe aware of
BarbenheimerBarbie and Oppenheimer
BarCraftWatching StarCraft at a bar
BareA lot
Bare lieA golf ball laying directly on the ground
BarsLyrical hip hop sentences
Base raceSimultaneous attacks on enemy bases
BasebrawlBaseball brawl
Bases juicedBaserunners on all three bases
Bases loadedBaserunners on all three bases
BasicLow sophistication
BASORBreathing a sigh of relief
BATBada** trick
BAUBusiness as usual
BAYBack at you
BAYCBored Ape Yacht Club
BBBright blessings
BBBlessed be
BBBye bye
BBBig blind
BBBe back
BBBreaking Bad
BBBases on balls
bb/100Big bets per 100 hands
BB4NBye bye for now
BBBBoring beyond belief
BBCBloxburg Cash
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation
BBFBody by Fisher
BBFBBMBody by Fisher, Brains by Mattel
BBFNBye-bye for now
bbgBaby girl
BBIABBe back in a bit
BBIAFBe back in a few
BBIAMBe back in a minute
BBIASBe back in a second
BBIAWBe back in a while
BBLBe back later
BBLBrazilian butt lift
bblrBe back later
BBMBrains by Mattel
BBMLBe back much later
BBNBye-bye now
BBOLBe back on later
BBQBe back quick
BBRBroken beyond repair
BBSBe back soon
BBSBulletin board system
BBSSBe back soon sweetie
BBTBe back tomorrow
BBWBig beautiful women
BBWBig black women
BBWBe back whenever
BBWLBe back way later
BCBe cool
BCThe Burning Crusade
BCBack cover
BCBGBon Chic Bon Genre
BCCBlind carbon copy
bcnuBe seein' you
BCOBig crush on
BCOYBig crush on you
BCVBefore coronavirus
BDBig deal
BDBaby daddy
BDDBody dysmorphic disorder
BDEBig D*** Energy
BDUBrain dead user
Be easyBe calm
BeamedHaving limited edition items stolen
BeamerA BMW vehicle
BeaningPouring baked beans on a building's doorstep
BearishNegative outlook
BeastAn awesome person
Beast modeDominating gameplay
BeatTo apply makeup
BeckyA basic white girl
Bed headUnkempt hair
BedgasmFeeling of euphoria after laying down in bed
BeefBothering problem
BeefcakeA muscular person
Beekeeping ageAttractive
BeemerA BMW vehicle
Beer jacketThe warmth felt when consuming alcohol
BeerboardingGetting a person drunk in order to get information
Before timesLife before COVID-19
BEGBig evil grin
Beige flagAn odd but unproblematic trait
BelfBlood elf
BelfieButt selfie
Belfie stickAn extendable pole with a smartphone on the end
BelieberA committed fan of Justin Bieber
BenchingUsing a person as a backup date
BenjaminOne hundred dollar bill
BenniferBen and Jennifer
BestieBest Friend
BetYou bet
Beta maleA submissive male
Beta orbiterSomeone who hovers around a person to make a romantic advance
BeyhiveDedicated fans of Beyoncé
BFBig freaking sword
BFBrain fart
BFBatters faced
BFBlack Friday
BF2Battlefield 2
BFABattle for Azeroth
BFAMBrother from another mother
BFAWBest friend at work
BFDBig freakin' deal
BFFBest friends forever
BFF&EBest friends forever and ever
BFF4LBest friends forever for life
BFFAEBest friends forever and ever
BFFEBest friends forever
BFFLBest friends for life
BFFLABBest friends for life and beyond
BFFLTDDUPBest friends for life 'til death do us part
BFFMBest friends forevermore
BFFNBest friend for now
BFFRBe f***ing for real
BFFTTEBest friends forever 'til the end
BFGBig Freakin' Gun
BFHB**** from h***
BFKBig fat kiss
BFNBye for now
BFNBig fat negative
BFPBig fat positive
BFRBig freakin' rock
BFTDBest friends til death
BFTPBlast from the past
BFUBrain free user
BFUBezny Franta uzivatel
BFUTBest friends until tomorrow
BGBig grin
BGBad game
BGBlood Glucose
BGBe good
BG3Baldur's Gate 3
BGFBest guy friend
BGFBest girl friend
BGRBoy girl relationship
BHBetter half
BHBloody hell
BH@Be home at
BHGBig hearted guy
bhl8Be home late
BHMBlack History Month
BHSBe home soon
BI5Back in five
BIABBack in a bit
BIAMBack in a minute
bibiBye bye
BICButt in chair
BIDTwice a day
BifflesBest friends for life
BIFLBuy it for life
Big BoardNew York Stock Exchange
Big madVery angry
Big moodThis is definitely how I'm feeling
Big smallA body shape with a big belly and skinny legs
Big to the maxEnormous in size
Big yikesWow
Bikini bridgeSpace between a bikini bottom and stomach
BILBoss is listening
BIMBuilding Information Modeling
BimboA dumb and attractive female
BINBuy it now
Bing bongExpression of emphasis
Binge racerA person who watches an entire season of a show within 24 hours
Binge racingWatching an entire season of a show within 24 hours
Binge-watchTo view many episodes or movies in a row
BIOBring it on
BioBiological units
BioballGroup of Terran biological units
BiomeMinecraft region
BIONBelieve it or not
BIOYABlow it out your a**
BIOYEBlow it out your ear
BIOYNBlow it out your nose
BIPOCBlack, Indigenous, People of Color
BirdieOne stroke under par
BirdnestOne home for kids of divorced parents
BirdnestingUsing one home for kids of divorced parents
BirtherA person who believes Obama is not a US citizen
BISBest in slot
BISLYBut I still love you
Bitcoin Pizza DayMay 22, 2010
BITDBack in the day
bitmtBut in the meantime
BITSBack in the saddle
BKBurger King
BKABetter known as
BLBuddy list
BLBelly laughing
blaccentBlack accent
BlackfishingPretending to be ethnically Black
BlackpilledPessimistic about the future
BlagConvince someone to give you something
BlamestormingBrainstorming who to blame
BlepAn animal sticking out part of their tongue
BlingOverly flashy jewelry
blinkieCoupon dispenser machine
BLMBlack Lives Matter
Block damageDamage delivered to a blocking opponent
BlockbusterA commercially successful film
blogWeb log
BloomerA well-adjusted 20-something
BloopWeakly hit fly ball
BLOPSCall of Duty: Black Ops
Blow upTo become successful
Blowing a raspberryMaking a jeering noise
BLSBasic life support
BLTNBetter late than never
Blue personA person who changed your life for the better
Blue tickA verified X user
Blue waveSweeping victories for Democrats
Blue-checkedVerified on Twitter
Blue-collar boomerangWorkers returning to their blue-collar jobs
BluepilledUnquestioning of conventional beliefs
BLUFBottom line up front
BlursdayLiterally any day of the week, they're all the same now
BlursedBlessed and cursed
blvmotBelieve me on that
BMBite me
BMBad mannered
BMBowel movement
BMABest mates always
BMBOBlow my brains out
BMEBased on my experience
BMFBad mother f******
BMFLBest mates for life
BMGWLBusting my gut with laughter
BMSBroke my scale
BMWBoy Meets World
BMWBayerische Motoren Werke
BNBad news
BNIBBrand new in box
BNOBoys' night out
BNPLBuy now pay later
BNRBut not really
BNWTBrand new with tags
BOBack off
BOBuild order
BOBody odor
BO3Best of three
BO5Best of five
Board clearMove that clears the opponent's board of minions
Board controlTo dominate the game board
BOATBest of all time
BOCButt on chair
Body shamingCriticizing a person's body
BOEBind on equip
BogeyOne stroke over par
Bogey golfLevel of golf play that equals 1 shot over par
BOGOBuy one, get one
BOGSATBunch of guys sitting around talking
BOHICABend over here it comes again
BOLBe on later
BOLBest of luck
BOLOBe on the lookout
BombHome run
BombTo fail
BombA really good card
BOMKBest of my knowledge
Bone zoneAdoration for Ken Bone
BoneheadA fan of Ken Bone
BonesBasic structure
Bonus dadA man who co-parents a child
Bonus momA woman who co-parents a child
Book hangoverRemaining attached to a book you just finished
BookTokTikTok users who discuss books
BookTubeYouTubers who discuss books
BookTwtBook Twitter
BoomdawgExpression of happiness
BoomerA person born between 1946 and 1964
Boomer removerCOVID-19
Boomerang childAn adult who moves out of his parents' home but moves back in
Boomerang kidAn adult who moves out of her parents' home but then moves back in
BoomkinMoonkin druid
BOOMSBored out of my skull
BoomstickDoom shotgun
Boosted apeA player whose friends helped them win
BoostingUnfair level boosting
BootsieBoring person
Booty callAn intimate rendezvous
BootyliciousAttractive with a nice rear end
BOPBind on pickup
BopAn excellent song or album
BORGBlack out rage gallon
BOSBrat over shoulder
BossAwesome person
BossMain bad character
BossWinning card
Boss runA series of bosses in a row
BOTBack on topic
BOTBe on that
botBottom lane
BoTBastion of Twilight
Bot mafiaA legion of automated World of Warcraft characters
BOTBBack of the book
BOTDBenefit of the doubt
BotoxPutt that lips out of the hole
BottomBottom lane
BOTWThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
BOUBind on use
Bougie brokeLuxurious lifestyle on a budget
BoujeeHigh class
BounceTo leave
BounceReturn a card to a player's hand
Boxed setSingles, doubles, and mixed doubles Grand Slam
Boy dinnerA junk food dinner
Boy mathMale logic
BOYDSBack off you dipstick
Boyfriend airProximity to your boyfriend
Boyfriend bombA statement that reveals your crush has a boyfriend
Boyfriend effectChanges experienced since getting a boyfriend
BPBlue pilling
BPBlood pressure
BPDBorderline personality disorder
BRBest regards
BRBuyer's remorse
BracketDiagram of tournament games
Bracket busterA team that upsets a highly ranked team
BracketologyPredicting who will win a tournament
Brain fartBrief absence of intelligence
BrainwalletA memorized Bitcoin seed phrase
Brand droppingBragging about the brand of an item you own
BrangelinaBrad and Angelina
Braux pasAwkward moment between two or more male friends
BRBBe right back
BRBBathroom break
BRBRBBathroom, be right back
BRBSBe right back soon
BreadcrumbingLeading someone on romantically
Break the InternetTo cause something to go viral online
Breakfast ballA redo shot from the first tee
Breaking anklesCausing a player to stumble
BreakoutA player who performs surprisingly well
BreastaurantA restaurant that features scantily-clad waitresses
BrennerBreakfast for dinner
BrepperBreakfast for supper
BrewCreate an original deck
BrexitBritish exit from the European Union
brezBattle resurrection
BRHBe right here
BrickA shot that squarely clangs off the rim or backboard
Brick houseA voluptuous woman
BrickedRendered unusable
BricklayerA basketball player who is shooting a lot of bricks
BridezillaA demanding bride
BrigadingWhen one online community harasses another
British exitLeaving in a disruptive manner
BRLCFHBroke ribs laughing, call for help
BROBe right over
BroA male bra
Bro codeEtiquette between guys
Bro countryA subgenre of mainstream country music
Bro dateAn outing between two straight males
Bro hugHug between two men
BrocationBro vacation
BrofistThe connection of two or more bros' fists
BrohamClose friend
BrollingJames Bond trolling
BromanceDeep friendship between two or more males
BromanticAction showing friendship between two or more males
BromentBro moment
Bronx cheerNoise that signals mockery
BronyA male fan of My Little Pony
BropocalypseA large gathering of drunk males
Bros before hoesGuy friends are more important than romantic interests
BrosephA male friend
Brother zoneA relationship where a person's love interest thinks of him as a brother
Brotherly shoveA play where the quarterback is shoved to gain yards
BrotherzoneA relationship where a person's love interest thinks of him as a brother
BRRRBBe rrright back
BRTBe right there
BrushbackPitch that almost hits the hitter
BSBlood sugar
BSBrawl Stars
BSBBackstreet Boys
bsfBest friend
BSoDBlue screen of death
BSTBut seriously though
BSTSBetter safe than sorry
BTBad taste
BTABut then again
BTAIMBe that as it may
BTASBatman: The Animated Series
BTCHFBye, take care, have fun
BTDBored to death
BTDBuy the dip
BTDBloons Tower Defense
BTDTBeen there, done that
BTDTGTSBeen there, done that, got the shirt
BTDTGTTSAWIOBeen there, done that, got the T-shirt and wore it out
BTFDBack to the Future day
BTFDBuy the freaking dip
btfldyBeautiful day
BTFOBack the f*** off
BTHOBack the heck off
BTHOOMBeats the heck out of me
BTHUBack the heck up
BTKBack to keyboard
BTMBite me
BTNBetter than nothing
BTOBSBe there or be square
BTOIYABe there or it's your a**
BTSBe there soon
BTSBack to school
BTSBehind the scenes
BTSBangtan Sonyeondan
BTSOOMBeats the s*** out of me
BTTFBack to the Future
BTWBy the way
BTWBOBe there with bells on
BTWITIAILWUBy the way, I think I am in love with you
BTWITIAILWYBy the way, I think I am in love with you
BTWITIILWYBy the way, I think I'm in love with you
BTWITILYBy the way, I think I love you
BTYCBetter than you can
BU&IBetween you and I
BU2MBeen up to much?
BucketA made basketball shot
Buddy copMovie and TV genre featuring two different characters that must work together
BUFBig, ugly, fat
BUFBig ugly fellow
BuffbotA strengthening bot
BugginActing erratic
BuglyButt ugly
BullishPositive outlook
bumpForum post message bump
BunniesFirst-person shooter jumping
bupBackup Plan
BurkiniA full-body Islamic swimming suit
BurnerA disposable cell phone
BurritoingWrapping yourself tightly in blankets
BurstCombination of attacks in a short span of time
BushAmateur play
Bush leagueAmateur play
BussinReally good
BustA player who does not perform well
Bust a capTo shoot a gun
ButtcoinA community of cryptocurrency haters
ButterfaceAn attractive person with an unattractive face
Buy the dipBuy an asset at a low price
Buzzer beaterA score made as the buzzer sounds
BuzzkillSomething that spoils a good mood
BVBBlack Veil Brides
BWBe well
BWBest wishes
BWBRBrunette with blonde roots
BWDIKBut what do I know
BWGBig wide grin
BWIBut what if
BWLBursting with laughter
BWQBuzzword quotient
BWTHDIKBut what the heck do I know
BWTMBut wait, there's more
BYAMBetween You And Me
Bye FeliciaGoodbye
BYHBless your heart
BYKIBefore you know it
BYKTBut you knew that
BYKTABut you knew that already
BYOBBring your own beer
BYODBring your own device
BYODKMBring your own display, keyboard, and mouse
BYOFBring your own food
BYOLBring your own liquor
BYTBright young thing
BYTMBetter you than me
bytmeBetter you than me