S Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Votes
S-tierTop rank
S/OShout out
S/UShut up
S/USwipe up
S2GSwear to God
S2RSend to receive
S2SSorry to say
S2USame to you
S4SShare for share
SASexual assault
SAABSex assigned at birth
sacSacrifice bunts
Saddam HusseinGolf shot from one bunker into another bunker
SAEStamped addressed envelope
Safe spaceA physical or emotional place of safety
SAHDStay-at-home dad
SAHMStay-at-home mom
SAHPStay-at-home parent
SALSuch a laugh
SALABStop acting like a baby
SALSShip and let sail
SaltineA white person
SALTSSmiled a little then stopped
SAMAGALStop annoying me and get a life
samzdStill amazed
SandbaggerA golfer who plays better than he claims
Sandwich generationAdults who care for their kids and parents simultaneously
SAPSystems, Applications, and Products
SASESelf-addressed stamped envelope
SATSorry about that
SATScholastic Aptitude Test
SavageViciously cool
Sawing logsSleeping
Say lessI understand
SBShould be
SBSmiling back
SBSmall blind
SBStolen bases
SBSuper Bowl
SBFSam Bankman-Fried
SBTSorry 'bout that
SBTMShould be there momentarily
SC2StarCraft 2
sc2niteStarCraft 2 tonight?
ScamdemicFake pandemic
ScarJoScarlett Johansson
Schmuck baitA ludicrous tease for a show plot
School airAir that messes with your appearance
SCMSalted Caramel Mocha
SCNRSorry, could not resist
SCOTUSSupreme Court of the United States
SCPSpecial Containment Procedures Foundation
ScratchTo reverse the rotation of a record
Scratch damageDamage delivered to a blocking opponent
Scratch golferA golfer with a handicap of zero
Scream kingA prominent actor in the horror film genre
Scream queenA prominent actress in the horror film genre
ScrollaxingScrolling through social media and email to relax
SCROTUSSo-called ruler of the United States
SDSweet dreams
SDIHTTSomeday I'll have the time
SESuper effective
SEALSlaying everyone and laughing
SealioningAsking questions to frustrate a person
Second screenMobile device used while watching TV
Secondhand embarrassmentExperiencing embarrassment for someone else
Secondhand hateReceiving hate because of your friend
Secondhand screen timeA parent's continuous partial attention to a child
Security theaterSecurity measures that don't actually increase security
Self-reportReporting your own kill
SelficideDeath caused by taking a selfie
SelfieA picture a person takes of themself
Selfie stickAn extendable pole with a smartphone on the end
Selfie-consciousSelf-conscious about taking a picture of yourself
SelteringSticking out your rear in a fitness pose
Senator KarenSenator Elizabeth Warren
Sending meMaking me laugh
SenioritisSenior laziness
SEOSearch engine optimization
SeppoA derogatory term for an American
SERPSearch engine results page
Serpentine draftDraft where the last pick in one round is the first in the next
ServergateHillary Clinton server controversy
Set the tableTo get on base so other hitters can score the baserunners
SETESmiling ear to ear
SextSexually explicit message
SextingSending sexually explicit messages
SFScience Fiction
SFSacrifice Flies
SFAMSister from another mister
SFBS*** for brains
SFFSo freaking funny
SFMSo freaking much
SFSSorry for spam
SFSGSo far, so good
SFTIF2LOLBLIMHSo funny that I forgot to laugh out loud but laughed in my head
SFTMESorry for the mass email
SFVStreet Fighter V
SFVShort-form video
SFWSo freaking what
SFWSafe for work
sfxSpecial effects
SFYSpeak for yourself
SGSounds good
SGTMSounds good to me
SHSame here
SHShort handed
ShadowbanTo secretly censor a social media user's content
Sham bombA breaking report by Shams Charania
ShankTo hit the ball poorly
SharentAn oversharing parent on social media
SharkAn experienced fantasy sports player
Sharpen a mustacheSmoke a joint
ShatShattrath City
ShattShattrath City
ShawtieA fine female
ShawtyA fine female
SheeplePeople that are easily manipulated
SheeshExpression of disbelief
ShelfiePicture of objects arranged on a shelf
ShelledBeaten badly
SHIDSlaps head in disgust
Shift shockSurprise that a new job is not what you expected
ShippingHoping for two people to get into a relationship
SHMILYSee how much I love you?
ShmupShoot 'em up
Shoestring catchCatch made just above a player's shoes
ShookCompletely surprised
ShootAn unscripted event
Shoot my shotI'm going for it
Shoot your shotYou should go for it
ShortieA fine female
ShortyA fine female
Shot Girl SummerSummer 2021
ShotgunFront passenger seat
Shotgun startGolfers are sent to each hole to start at the same time
ShoutcasterEsports commentator
ShoveTo pitch well
Show holeSadness after finishing a great show
Show me the receiptsShow me the proof
Shower thoughtAn idea that comes to you in the shower
ShowmanceA romance between actors starring in the same production
ShrinkflationCharging the same price for less product
ShucksAn expression of disappointment
Shut up and take my moneyI want to purchase that
sh^Shut up
SIASomeone is around
SicSpelling incorrect
SICLSitting in chair laughing
Side chickA mistress
Side eyeDisapproving glance
Side hustleAn extra job
Side-eyeGlance expressing disapproval
SIDSSudden infant death syndrome
SIGSilence is golden
Sigma maleAn introverted guy who goes his own way
Silent walkingWalking without listening to audio
Silver foxAn attractive older man
SilverstoningChewing up food before serving it
SIMShoot, it's Monday
SIMSubject is message
SimpA person who obsesses over someone
SimpingObsessing over a person that does not return the same affection
SINBADSingle income no boyfriend absolutely desperate
SingleHit that results in the batter getting to first base
SINKSingle income, no kids
SINKWADSingle income, no kids, with a dog
Sip teaMind your business
SITStay in touch
SITDStill in the dark
sitrepSituation report
SituationshipA relationship that is more than friendship but not yet romantic
siul8rSee you later
SivBad goaltender
SJWSocial Justice Warrior
SkankA promiscuous woman
SkellyA Minecraft Skeleton
Skibidi Toilet SyndromeAdverse effects of watching Skibidi Toilet
Skill issueYou're bad
SkinheadBald or closely-shaved head
SkolGood health
skskskOvercome with emotion
SkulletShaved head with long hair in the back
SkytossAn air-focused Protoss strategy
SlackerA lazy person
SlacktivismLazy activism
SlacktivistLazy activist
SLAPSounds like a plan
SLAPPStrategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation
SlapsIs impressive
SlashSame-sex romance fan fiction
SlasherHorror film
SlayTo dominate
SledneckA mountain person who drives a snowmobile
Sleep divorceA couple sleeping in separate beds
Sleep onUnderestimate
SleeperA player drafted late but exceeds expectations
Sleeper buildWhen a skinny person is surprisingly buff
Sleeping onUnderestimating
SlenderA tall and thin Roblox avatar
SleptTo hit someone hard
SleptTo get high
SLGSlugging percentage
Slide into your DMsTo send a direct message on Twitter
SlidewareSoftware that is announced but never released
Slim thickA female body shape
SlimeA good friend
SlivingLiving your best life
SLMSocially limiting maneuver
SlofieA slow-motion selfie video
Slow fadeTo gradually stop talking to someone
SLYStill love you
SM64Super Mario 64
SMAIMSend me an Instant Message
SmarkA fan who knows pro wrestling is scripted
SMARTSpecific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound
SmashSuper Smash Bros.
SMDHShaking my d*** head
SMESubject matter expert
SMEMSend me an e-mail
SmexySmart and Sexy
SMFSo much fun
SMFHShaking my flippin' head
SMHShaking my head
SMHScratching my head
SMHSmash my head
SMHWTShaking my head with a tune
SmishingSMS phishing
SmizeTo smile with your eyes
SMLSo much love
SMOShout me out
SmolSmall and cute
Smooth brainAn unintelligent person
SMPSurvival Multiplayer
SMSShort Message Service
SMTShin Megami Tensei
SMTWSunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
SMUNSend me your number
SmurfAn alternate account used by a skilled player
SNScreen Name
SnaccAn attractive person
SnaccidentAn accidental consumption of an entire snack
SnackAn attractive person
SNAFUSituation normal, all fouled up
Snail Girl EraTaking time to care for yourself
Snake draftDraft where the last pick in one round is the first in the next
SnapA casual picture
SnapbackThe quickness a woman's body snaps back after a pregnancy
Snapback culturePressure on new moms to snap back to their pre-pregnancy bodies
SnapchatterSnapchat user
SnapstreakSnapchat streak
Snatched my weaveImpressed me
SneakerheadA person who owns a lot of sneakers
Sneaky linkSecret hook up
sneetSnow and sleet
SNERTSnot nosed egotistical rude teenager
SNESSuper Nintendo Entertainment System
SNFSunday Night Football
SNGSit 'n go
SNHSarcasm Noted Here
snirtDirty snow
SnitchTo inform on others to an authority
Snitches get stitchesPeople who tell on others will get hurt
SNLSaturday Night Live
SNMPSo not my problem
SnoozefeedTo scroll your newsfeed instead of getting out of bed
SnowflakeA sensitive person
SnowmageddonA powerful snowstorm
SnowmanGolf score of 8
Snowplow parentA parent that removes obstacles for their kid
SnowpocalypseA powerful snowstorm
SOSignificant other
SOASons of Anarchy
SOABSon of a b****
SOADSystem of a Down
SoapsSoap operas
SOBSon of a b****
SOBShortness of breath
Soccer momA suburban mom whose world revolves around her kids
Social distancingIsolating from other people
Social engineeringTricking people into sharing information
SocialmaxxingAttempting to improve your social skills
Sock puppet accountA fake online identity
SoDSleep of death
Soft launchTeasing a new relationship on social media
Soft lifeLifestyle that prioritizes joy and reduces stress
Soft parentingFriendly parenting
Soft savingSaving less money for the future to live more in the present
Soft yesA tepid agreement
SoftieA sentimental person
SoftmaxxingMaking minor beauty improvements
SOGISexual orientation and gender identity
SOHSense of humor
SoHSlight of Hand
SOHFSense of humor failure
sokIt's OK
SOLS*** out of luck
SOMSWSomeone over my shoulder watching
SOMYSick of me yet?
SOOFSwear on our friendship
SOOIStay out of it
SOPStandard operating procedure
Sorority squatHands-on-knees, butt-out group photo pose
sortaSort of
SOSSame old stuff
SOSSave our souls
SOSSomeone over shoulder
SOSSomeone special
SOSGSomeone over shoulder gone
SOSOSame old, same old
SOTAState of the art
SOTDShoe of the day
SOTUState of the Union
SoulslikeA video game like Dark Souls
SouthpawLeft-handed pitcher
SOWSpeaking of which
Soy boyA male who lacks traditional masculine traits
SPSpell power
SPStarting pitcher
SpacingNot paying attention
SpamUnhelpful and annoying content
SpammerA person who continuously holds down the trigger button
SpammyContent that features a lot of spam
SparrowfaceFacial expression with eyes wide open and mouth slightly open
SpawnCreation of a character or item
spdSpinning piledriver
SPDSensory Processing Disorder
SPDSymphysis Pubis Dysfunction
Speak truth to powerStand up for what is right
Spear phishingTargeted phishing attack
SpeedlingZergling with Metabolic Boost
SpeedrunAn attempt to play through a video game as fast as possible
SpeedrunnerA gamer who plays through a video game as fast as possible
SpiceSexual content
Spicy pillowSwollen lithium-ion battery
Spill the TShare the gossip
Spill the teaShare the gossip
spimIM spam
SpitTo flirt
SpitTo freestyle rap
SplashA made shot that only touches the basketball net
SpleefMinecraft multiplayer game
SplinternetA splintered internet
SponconSponsored content
SpoopySpooky and funny
SportswashingUsing sports to improve a bad reputation
SPPUSold pending pickup
Sprang breakSpring break
Spreading the saltComplaining about something
Sprinkle sprinkleBlessings
SPROSStop, parents reading over shoulder
SPSTSame place, same time
SquadGroup of friends
Squad goalsA group of friends that another group of friends aspires to be
SquickA big turn-off
SquinchingSquinting and pinching your eyes together
SquirrelTee shot into the rough
SquishyLow base health or defense
SROStanding room only
SSShort stacked
SSASame-sex attraction
SSASubject says all
SSDSolid State Drive
SSDDSame stuff, different day
SSISurgical site infection
SSIASubject says it all
SSLSecure Sockets Layer
SSNSocial Security number
SSPSurvival Single Player
STSpeech therapy
STSpecial teams
ST2MStop talking to me
StackThe full amount of held items
StackOne thousand dollars
StacyAn attractive, sexually active woman
StanAn obsessed fan of someone or something
Standing on bidnessTaking care of business
StanningObsessing over a person
STARStop, think, act, review
StashingDating a person but unwilling to publicly acknowledge it
statsPersonal profile information
Stay in your laneStick to what you're good at
Stay wokeStay aware of social problems
StaycationA vacation near your home
STBYSucks to be you
STDSexually transmitted disease
stdScrap TD
Stealth banningSecretly moderating a user's posts
Stealth wealthExpensive yet modest items
SteezeStyle and ease
SteezyStyle and ease
STELShort term exposure limit
STEMScience, technology, engineering, and math
Steve HarveyTo announce the wrong winner
STFDSit the f*** down
STFDShut the front door
STFDSlow the f*** down
STFUShut the f*** up
STFUSuper Time Force Ultra
STFWSearch the flippin' web
STHUShut the heck up
STISexually transmitted infection
StickyA plasma grenade that sticks to objects
stimmyStimulus check
STLSDRStill too long, still didn't read
STMSSick to my stomach
StonksQuestionable or meaningless financial gains
Storm stilettosControversial stilettos worn by Melania Trump
Story timeShare more details
STPStone Temple Pilots
Straight fireVery cool
Straight TikTokMainstream TikTok
StreamRotating players in and out of a lineup
Stream snipingPurposely playing against a streamer
StreamerSomeone who regularly broadcasts online
STSSmirk to self
STSFMShe's too sexy for me
STTSingle table tournament
STTASomething to think about
STTHSpeak to the hand
STTWSabrina the Teenage Witch
StudAn attractive male
StudA highly skilled individual
Study buddyA friend that a student studies with
StunadAn unintelligent person
StuntingShowing off
STWSearch the Web
SUShut up
SUSwipe up
SUAFUSituation unchanged, all fouled up
SubmariningDating a person, disappearing, then reappearing
SubtweetSubliminal tweet
SUFShut your face
Sugar babyA young person who uses an older person for money
Sugar daddyAn older man used for his money by a woman
Sugar mamaAn older woman used for her money by a man
SugarpicErotic photo
suhWhat's up
SUIState Unemployment Insurance
Sunday ballA do-over golf shot
supWhat's up
supStand up paddle board
Super Bowl babyA baby conceived after the Super Bowl
Super SlamTennis Grand Slam and Year-End Championship
SuperfanAn extremely dedicated fan
SupersubA player who often scores as a substitute
SupportChampion who plays on the bottom lane
SUSFUSituation unchanged, still fouled up
SussTo discover
Sussy bakaSuspicious fool
SUTAState Unemployed Tax Act
SWStar Wars
SWStarting weight
SWASo what a**
SWAGScientific wild a** guess
SwagSkills or style
SwagFree stuff
SWAKSealed with a kiss
SWALKSweet, with all love, kisses
SWALKSealed with a loving kiss
Swanton bombLanding on an enemy and shotgunning them
SWASSaid with a smile
SwattingCreating a false emergency to get a SWAT team to respond
SWDYWTTASo what do you want to talk about
SweeperA breaking ball that sweeps horizontally
Sweet SixteenLast 16 teams in a tournament
Sweet spotThe part of the bat that provides the best contact
SwerveGo away
SWFSingle white female
SwiftieA devoted fan of Taylor Swift
SwimmersVaccinated people
Swipe leftReject
Swipe rightApprove
SwishA made shot in basketball that hits only the net
SWLScreaming with laughter
SWMSingle white male
SWMBOShe who must be obeyed
SwoleVery muscular
SwolemateA significant other you work out with
SwotA dedicated student
SWOTStrengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
SWTFAStar Wars: The Force Awakens
SWTLJStar Wars: The Last Jedi
SWTORStar Wars: The Old Republic
SWYPSo what's your problem
SYSincerely yours
SYALSee you all later
SYIHSee you in hell
SYLSee you later
SYLASee you later alligator
SYSSee you soon
sysadminSystem administrator
sysopSystem operator
SYTSee you tomorrow
SYTYCDSo You Think You Can Dance
SYYShut your yapper